ALUMNI WEEKEND 2015 takes place from May 14-17, 2015. It’s reunion time for all classes that end in “0” or “5”. As always, a full weekend of celebrations, learning, and renewed friendships is planned. Some events are planned by the University to include all of the returning classes. Others are planned by your 50th Reunion Committee and are solely for the Class of 1965 and our guests.

University-Wide Events

Class of 65 Events

What’s Different About the 50th?

We are the guests of honor! See what that means.

If You’ve Not Been To Our Reunions

Feeling uncomfortable because you haven’t been to one of our reunions in recent years – or maybe not at all? This is the big one. We want you to be with us.

Reunion Committee

This is our committee. Many have been planning our class reunions since our 25th. Join us. It’s not a lot of work and it really adds to the anticipation and fun of the reunion.

Lodging for the 50th